At the recent 2021 Judo World Championships, the Premiere Equipe team was honored to have been represented by 3 of our club members.

Moira Koster: Head Coach & Team Manager

Elliott Connolly: -81kgs

Jason Koster: -100kgs

The tournament was the penultimate event prior to this years Olympics and featured over 661 athletes from 118 countries.

In his debut world championships Elliott drew a very strong fighter from Azerbaijan in the 2nd round. Elliott put up a great showing but was unable to pull off the victory

A few days later in the -100kgs division. Jason had a fortunate draw vs Kenya in his first round event and was able to pick up the win with a throw that scored a waza-ari before holding his opponent down.

In his second match up he drew the World #10 and the eventual 7th Place winner from Russia. Despite a good showing he was unable to cause the upset and was ultimately eliminated at the round of 32

Overall, while not the results the team were after they can hold their heads up high with the performances the put in and the experience they built on will serve them well in future contests.

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