Why Do Judo

Out of all the martial arts around, what makes Judo different?


Judo is a grappling sport which means it covers all the components of fitness. Strength, Cardio, Agility, Speed, Power and Endurance


With a comprehensive syllabus, Judo offers multiple opportunities for learning. Not only new phyiscal techniques but also psychological ones such as confidence & discipline that can help you off the mat


Judo is an Olympic and Commonwealth sport which means you have the opportunity to compete and test yourself against others and compete in local tournaments

What is Judo?

Judo is a Japanese Martial Art

It involves grappling, throwing and submissions

You can do Judo competitively or socially

Judo can be done by anyone of any age

It is FUN! 

Is it hard?

All sessions at Premiere Equipe are scalable. That means no matter what your fitness level we will offer the right challenge for you.

A typical session at Premiere Equipe would involve a warm up of movement and gymnastics skills. This would be followed by some technical teachings and drills before finishing with Randori which is Judo’s verison of sparring where you get a chance to practice the skills you have developed.

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What makes Premiere Equipe Different?

No Egos

No Egos

Team First

Everyone at Premiere Equipe is treated with respect. All members are valued the same regardless if they are first time Judoka or representative athletes

Immersion Learning

Immersion Learning

progress fast

All sessions at Premiere Equipe are scalable meaning beginners train with everyone. This means you are better looked after and will learn your skills FAST.



Hit your goals

With our proven track record of success, we know how to help you achieve your personal targets and have fun while doing it!

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