Judo is a Japanese Martial Art that is competed at Olympic and Commonwealth level. In addition to the competitive side, Judo can also offer a number of other benefits

It is accessible to almost anyone regardless of age or previous experience. All classes at Premiere Equipe are scalable, meaning they can be altered to suit your level.

It allows for cognitive development and can help improve co-ordination, strength, conditioning and improved general fitness.

You can monitor your improvements by gradings and get recognition for your improvement which can lead to roles of coaching/competing.

Development of psychological skills such as self-confidence, concentration, discipline that  can be used on and off the mat.

What make Premiere Equipe different?

28584389_10155392671759632_1336117225_oPremiere Equipe is fortunate to have a number of successful Judoka but this success is no accident. We have a culture of achievement which is built off the individual pathways our Judoka are provided.

So no matter what your goals for Judo are, your training is tailored towards those goals meaning you can get the maximum results in the minimal amount of time.